Promoting government transparency

Fighting for the release of public health and environmental information

EDF is working to hold the Trump administration accountable, to ensure its activities are transparent, and that information is provided to the public. Using tools afforded under the federal Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), EDF has requested information from EPA and several other federal agencies about a myriad of activities impacting our environment and public health.

You can explore the information EDF has received so far below. These documents are provided as we received them and have not been altered for clarity. We welcome your assistance in reviewing this information. If you would like to share any of your findings, please email us.

EPA Records on Mandy Gunasekara’s Ethics Obligations

These records concern conflicts of interest for Mandy Gunasekara, who became EPA’s Chief of Staff in March 2020 immediately after founding and running an organization dedicated to promoting Trump’s pro-polluter agenda, and serving as a consultant for multiple groups that oppose public health and environmental protections.

EPA Records on the Red Team/Blue Team Exercise

These records provide new information about plans for a “red team/blue team” exercise that was intended to undermine EPA’s long-established use of rigorous, peer-reviewed climate science. EDF obtained these records under FOIA through litigation against EPA.

Records on EPA’s “Censored Science” Proposal

EDF obtained these records through litigation against EPA over our FOIA request about the agency’s proposal to restrict the scientific evidence it is allowed to consider when setting public health and environmental protections.

NASA Records Revealing William Happer Correspondence

Schedules of Department of Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao and Deputy Secretary Jeffrey Rosen

EDF obtained these records through litigation against the DOT over our FOIA request seeking records related to the Trump Administration’s effort to roll back the Clean Car Standards.

EPA records of heavy-duty glider truck manufacturers

EPA Emails and Hill Outreach about Rollback of “Glider” Freight Truck Pollution Limit

Additional DOI records about the Waste Prevention Rule

EPA emails about EPA's Reconsideration of the Clean Car Standards Mid-Term Evaluation

Emails between EPA and The Heartland Institute

Due to the large file size, EDF has divided this document into eight parts.

EPA emails about the 2009 Greenhouse Gas Endangerment Finding

Emails indicating Pruitt’s involvement in EPA website changes

Zinke staff’s outreach to Senators on Waste Prevention Rule

EPA Transition Team discussion about the Inspector General's employment

Department of Energy records about the Baseload Study

Documents removed or modified from EPA's website

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