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Together, we can tackle problems way too big for any of us to solve alone. And today we’re facing the greatest challenge of our time: climate change.

More than 3 million supporters — people like you — make our work possible. Here are many ways you can be part of the solution.

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EDF looks for pragmatic, win-win solutions that help the environment and the economy. That is the type of leadership needed to get action done.

Logan S.

New City, New York

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Protecting our planet is a big job — it takes millions of people like you to bring our solutions to life. Your support matters. Here’s why.

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Use your voice where it counts. Here’s how to speak up for the health and safety of the environment and people everywhere.

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How companies do business makes a big difference for the environment. Start with matching donations and other giving programs, then explore deeper ways to engage.
  • Business leadership

    Successful business leaders are raising the bar on corporate sustainability. Raise it higher. Our EDF+Business experts can help.

  • Project development

    Host an EDF Climate Corps fellow to design practical ways for your company to boost energy efficiency and more.

  • Marketing and fundraising

    Inspire your customers, partners and staff to support our critical work through cause marketing and workplace fundraising.

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Our work with EDF will help thousands of entrepreneurs make environmental commitments a part of the very foundations of their companies.

Jon Leland

Vice President, Insights, Kickstarter

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Member perspective

We support EDF because they so effectively keep their members and the public informed and do so much to protect our environment, air, water, health and future.

Mary M.