University of Wyoming researchers use special equipment and a mobile laboratory to measure methane emissions coming from oil and gas facilities

Creating bold solutions based on research

Why science matters: It takes rigorous science to protect people and the planet. One example: Our groundbreaking studies put the powerful climate pollutant methane on the global agenda — and we launched a satellite to map, measure and reduce it.

How we use this powerful approach: Our scientists lead large-scale collaborations with university and industry partners to guide our work, building on the legacy of the scientists who founded EDF more than 50 years ago. Whether we’re mapping climate pollution from space or cutting air pollution on the ground, science drives all we do.

Our science experts

We bring wide-ranging perspectives and skills to our scientific work. Meet some of the people who make it happen.

Partner perspective

Scientists don’t always understand how to get people to act on their data. That’s where EDF has proven to be superb.

Daniel McCleese

Chair, MethaneSAT Science Advisory Group

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