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Business engagement

Reimagining business for a sustainable future

Why business engagement matters: We can power the future with clean energy, create safer household products and feed the world without warming the planet. But to get there, we need big solutions. Businesses that value sustainability can bring high-impact environmental solutions to scale — fast.

Our game-changing work: McDonald’s stopped selling burgers in foam packaging because of a groundbreaking partnership with EDF over 30 years ago. Since then, we’ve helped top companies around the world — like Danone, FedEx, GE and Sephora — find win-win solutions for people, profits and the planet.

How we supercharge corporate sustainability

For more than 30 years, EDF has brought cutting-edge science, policy and economic expertise to leading companies, driving game-changing solutions in these areas:

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Business energy transition

A clean, modern energy system is good for business and the environment. EDF’s experts work globally to drive a clean-energy future, catalyzing change in sectors that range from transportation to sustainable supply chains.
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Sustainable finance

By accelerating a climate-focused transformation within the financial sector, we will spur the corporate climate leadership necessary to set the world on a trajectory to net zero emissions.
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Next-gen climate careers

EDF’s Climate Corps fellowship pairs top graduate students with companies and public institutions to meet climate and energy goals in China, India and the U.S. And our Degrees podcast features real talk about planet-saving careers.
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Climate policy leadership

Advocating for smart climate policy is the single most powerful thing companies can do to help fight climate change.
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Net zero value chains

While many of the world’s largest companies have set some targets for decarbonizing, there’s a gap between ambition and action. We help companies turn climate pledges into progress with hands-on partnerships, practical trainings and resources.
An illustration of climate solutions including satellite, windmill, solar and other tech.

Corporate climate innovation

We work to speed up the adoption of new climate solutions within businesses, while enabling innovators to quickly understand the market for scaling up environmental innovations.

Driving change through corporate partnerships

By partnering with leading corporations to advance sustainability, we create ripple effects across entire industries. Here are just a few examples of our work:

Work with us

Our corporate partners understand that a thriving economy depends on a thriving environment. EDF’s team of scientists, strategists, economists and policy experts help transform sustainable business practices into a competitive advantage — and a lasting legacy.

Our resources for business

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Our business experts

We bring wide-ranging perspectives and skills to our work with businesses. Meet some of the people who make it happen.

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