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Helping the world get hydrogen right

The problem: Hydrogen holds important promise as a source of clean energy, but it also takes a lot of energy to produce. And the gas leaks easily, contributing to global warming. For hydrogen to be an effective climate solution, we must produce it cleanly and use it wisely.

What we’re doing about it: We’re helping make sure hydrogen infrastructure is built the right way, benefiting the climate, communities and people’s health. We’re working to prevent leaks and raising awareness that the best uses of hydrogen are in places where clean electricity from renewable sources can’t do the job alone.

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Our hydrogen experts

We bring wide-ranging perspectives and skills to our work on hydrogen. Meet some of the people who make it happen.

Staff perspective

If we work together to deploy clean hydrogen responsibly, it will be a powerful tool against climate change. Let’s get this right.

Tianyi Sun

Climate Scientist

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