Featured Authors

  • Richie Ahuja

    Richie, regional director for Asia, is an expert in business development strategies and spearheads EDF's engagement in Asia, with an emphasis on India, Korea and Vietnam.

  • Jennifer Andreassen

    Jennifer  is the senior communications manager for our International Climate Program. She’s handled EDF’s communications for the past six United Nations climate negotiations. 

  • Mary Barber

    Mary is EDF’s Director of Clean Energy initiatives for New Jersey, where she focuses on climate and energy. 

  • Ellen Bell
    Ellen, based in Chicago, is EDF’s Clean Energy Manager, Midwest.
  • Sally G. Bingham

    The Rev. Sally G. Bingham is the president and founder of Interfaith Power & Light and has served on EDF’s board of trustees since 1986. She was one of the first faith leaders in the United States to recognize climate change as a core moral issue.

  • Abbey Brown

    Abbey Brown is a coordinator with EDF’s Clean Heat program in New York City.

  • Boma Brown-West
    Boma Brown-West is EDF’s Manager of Consumer Health within our Corporate Partnerships Program.
  • Dominique Browning

    Dominique is the co-founder of Moms Clean Air Force and its lead blogger. She is a writer and editor — and the mother of two sons. She writes regularly for the New York Times Book Review, and contributes to WWiredWhole Living, and Good Housekeeping, among other publications.

  • Mark Brownstein

    Mark leads EDF’s team on natural gas and is an expert in utility-related issues like transmission development, wholesale and retail electric market design, rate reform, and power plant siting and investment.

  • Pamela Campos

    Pamela Campos is a senior attorney at EDF, working at our Boulder, CO, office.

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