• Frank Convery
    Frank is EDF’s chief economist.
  • Brad Copithorne

    Brad, director of financial innovation for Environmental Defense Fund's energy group, is focused on creating markets to finance energy efficiency and renewable generation projects.

  • Elena Craft

    Elena, an EDF health scientist, is an expert on air toxics issues who focuses on reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the energy and transportation sectors.

  • Shannon Cunniff

    Shannon is Director, Coastal Resilience and is leading the development of our natural infrastructure program. Before joining EDF, she addressed sustainability, water resources and floodplain management policy issues as an executive with the U.S. departments of Interior and Defense.

  • Cloelle Danforth
    Cloelle Danforth is a postdoctoral science fellow working mainly with our Oil and Gas team to minimize the industry’s impacts on water.
  • Andy Darrell

    Andy is EDF's New York regional director and chief of strategy for our U.S. Climate and Energy program.

  • Liz Delaney
    Liz is the Program Director of EDF Climate Corps.
  • Richard Denison

    Richard, a lead senior scientist at EDF, has 30 years of experience in the environmental arena. He specializes in policy, hazard and risk assessment and management for industrial chemicals and nanomaterials.

  • Anna Doty

    Anna focuses on West Coast Policy at EDF, after initially joining us through the Stanford in Government fellowship program.

  • Dan Dudek

    Dan leads EDF’s China office. He is one of the world’s leading experts in developing cap-and-trade programs to reduce pollution at the lowest possible cost.

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