• Jonathan Camuzeaux
    Jonathan Camuzeaux is a senior economic analyst for EDF’s Office of Economic Policy and Analysis. He provides economic analysis to support the development of market-based solutions to environmental issues with a focus on climate and energy economics.
  • Tomas Carbonell

    Tomas Carbonell is a Washington-based attorney with EDF’s Climate and Air program.

  • Megan Ceronsky

    Megan Ceronsky, based in Washington, is an attorney with EDF’s Climate and Air program. 

  • Karen Chapman

    Karen is a project manager for EDF's Agriculture Sustainability program and based in Ohio.

  • Rory Christian
    Rory is EDF’s Director of Smart Power Initiatives for the New York region, where he focuses on energy and clean air.
  • Aaron Citron
    Aaron is a member of our Colorado River program, focusing on Western water management and irrigated agriculture.
  • Chandler Clay

    Chandler Clay is a Communications Program Manager for EDF's Ecosystems program.

  • Steve Cochran
    Steve is EDF’s Associate Vice President of Coastal Protection.
  • Frank Convery
    Frank is EDF’s chief economist.
  • Brad Copithorne

    Brad, director of financial innovation for Environmental Defense Fund's energy group, is focused on creating markets to finance energy efficiency and renewable generation projects.

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