• Katie Hsia-Kiung
    Katie is the carbon market analyst responsible for tracking California’s landmark cap-and-trade program.
  • Andrew Hutson

    Andrew, EDF's director of global value chain initiatives, applies insights from supply chain management to drive environmental change with our corporate partners.

  • Shems Jud
    Shems Jud is the Pacific Coast director for EDF’s Oceans program.
  • Jayant Kairam
    Focuses on advancing clean energy solutions in California and nationally through collaborations that benefit all communities.
  • Namrita Kapur
    Namrita Kapur is the Managing Director of EDF’s Corporate Partnerships program.
  • Nat Keohane

    Nat Keohane, an economist, is EDF's Vice President for Global Climate.

  • Stephanie Kline
    A Clean Energy Program associate and Marine Corps veteran, Stephanie is working to expand EDF’s engagement with domestic military installations.
  • Larissa Koehler

    As an attorney with EDF’s California Climate and Smart Power teams, Larissa assists with litigation and regulatory proceedings.

  • Kritee Kritee

    Kritee is a senior scientist with EDF's International Climate team and works at our office in Boulder, CO.

  • Jake Kritzer

    Jake Kritzer, is EDF's Director, Spatial and Ecosystems Initiatives, working on marine protected areas, habitat conservation and other science and policy issues.

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