• Fred Krupp

    In his 30 years as head of EDF, Fred has overseen the growth of our organization from a small nonprofit with a budget of $3 million to a recognized worldwide leader in the environmental movement. 


  • Jessica Landman

    Jessica Landman, based in Washington, is a senior project director for EDF’s Oceans program.

  • Amanda Leland
    Amanda Leland is EDF’s vice president for Oceans
  • Jorge Madrid

    Jorge is the senior partnerships coordinator for EDF's California Climate and Energy team. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of Voces Verdes.

  • Marilynn Marsh-Robinson
    Marilynn, a project manager for EDF’s U.S. Climate and Energy program, is responsible for spreading our work to diverse audiences. She is also working to ensure our projects include strategies for incorporating socioeconomic factors and needs. 
  • James D. Marston

    Jim Marston is the founding director of EDF’s Texas office, located in Austin, where he has served since its beginning in 1988.

  • Jason Mathers

    Jason is a senior manager at EDF’s Corporate Partnerships program, working in our Boston office.

  • Graham McCahan

    Graham is a staff attorney with our U.S. Climate and Air legal team.

  • Will McDow
    Will leads EDF’s effort on biomass energy to address the multiple land, water and wildlife issues associated with increased land-based energy production.
  • Jennifer McPartland

    Jennifer McPartland, Ph.D., is an EDF health scientist focusing on chemicals policy.

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