Ramon Alvarez

Associate Chief Scientist


Areas of expertise:
Climate/methane science, air quality, oil and gas

Ramón Alvarez, Ph.D. works with the Chief Scientist to guide EDF’s scientific priorities and ensure its work is on the cutting edge of scientific thought. Since 2008, he has worked to better characterize and reduce air emissions from oil and natural gas operations.

Previously, he promoted cleaner air in Texas cities, with an emphasis on reducing emissions from electric power plants and diesel vehicles. He led EDF’s campaign to establish the Texas Clean School Bus Program and assisted U.S.-Mexico border industries to find cost-effective methods to reduce waste.


Dr. Alvarez obtained a B.S. degree in chemistry from Duke University and a Ph.D. in physical chemistry from the University of California at Berkeley, where he carried out research on atmospheric and combustion processes. At UC Berkeley he was a National Science Foundation Predoctoral Fellow and a lecturer in Environmental Chemistry.


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