Millie Chu Baird

Associate Vice President, Office of the Chief Scientist


Areas of expertise:
Climate change, geoengineering

Millie Chu Baird is the Associate Vice President for EDF’s Office of the Chief Scientist (OCS). Millie leads innovative projects that bring actionable data to help solve environmental problems. She directs the Methane Mapping project, Environmental Defense Fund’s partnership with Google Earth Outreach that maps natural gas leaks from local distribution systems, and is part of the leadership team for EDF’s efforts to use data and analysis from air sensors to spur public action to improve air pollution. As part of OCS’s leadership team, she is responsible for helping to set and implement the strategic vision for office.

During her tenure at Environmental Defense Fund, Millie has managed numerous relationships with corporations as well as legislative climate campaigns. She also

  • started and managed the Climate Corps program;
  • directed EDF’s work in geoengineering;
  • staffed a partnership of energy and aluminum companies centered around strategically managing and reducing GHG emissions;
  • advised several companies on their GHG management programs, including internal cap-and-trade programs and producing and purchasing offsets;
  • led the development and implementation of partnerships with food service and quick-serve companies to drive improvements in animal agriculture management practices; and
  • managed legislative climate campaigns in NJ and Connecticut and helped to implement the Northeast’s Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI).


Prior to joining Environmental Defense Fund, Millie was a management consultant, advising corporations on environmental management. She also served as Director of Business Development for Verde Media, an environmental media start-up.

Millie received a Master’s of Science in Earth Systems Economics from Stanford University and a Bachelors of Science in Earth Systems also from Stanford University. She wrote her honors thesis on the motivations of corporations to go beyond compliance to embark on proactive environmental initiatives.

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