• Keith Gaby

    Explores the intersection of politics and climate change.

  • Jon Goldstein

    Jon Goldstein is a senior energy policy manager who focuses on improving regulation of the oil and gas industry in the Rocky Mountain region.

  • Doria Gordon
    Doria  is a plant ecologist with EDF’s Office of the Chief Scientist who focuses on biodiversity and ecosystems conservation.
  • Dan Grossman

    Dan is the National Director of EDF's Oil & Gas state programs.



  • Steven Hamburg

    Steven is EDF’s public voice for its commitment to science-based advocacy and is responsible for the scientific integrity of our positions and programs. His training and research specialty is ecosystem ecology, with a focus on forests.

  • Alex Hanafi

    Alex is an attorney in our International Climate program, where he coordinates a range of research and advocacy programs designed to promote effective, innovative policies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions around the globe.

  • Michelle Harvey

    Michelle launched EDF’s on-site partnership with Walmart and focuses on minimizing harmful chemical exposure from products and food.

  • Ann Hayden
    Ann leads EDF’s Habitat Exchange and Water efforts in California to restore habitat critical for the environment and agriculture industry.
  • Lucía Oliva Hennelly
    Lucía is EDF’s campaign manager for new climate partnerships, and she focuses on expanding EDF’s engagement with Latino communities.
  • Phoebe Higgins
    Phoebe is the director of EDF’s California Fisheries Fund (CFF), a revolving loan program launched with government and private partners in 2008 to promote sustainable fishing and rebuild the West Coast’s struggling fisheries. 

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