Complete list of expert staff

  • Peyronnin, Natalie Director of Science Policy, Mississippi River Delta Restoration

    Areas of expertise: Ecosystems, large-scale restoration and protection planning, science communication, natural resources management and policy, science-based decision making, ecosystem services, natural infrastructure, rivers and deltas

    Office: Washington, D.C.

  • Pooley, Eric Senior Vice President for Strategy and Communications

    Office: New York City

  • Pratt, Jack Chemicals Campaign Director

    Areas of expertise: Chemical Policy, legislation and advocacy

    Office: Washington, D.C.

  • Priddle, Erin UK Fisheries Manager, EU Oceans Program

    Areas of expertise: Policy Development, Environmental Regulation, Research and Analysis, Rights-based fisheries management/Catch-shares, stakeholder engagement, sustainable development, EU and UK fisheries regulation

    Office: Europe

  • Proville, Jeremy Senior Manager, GIS & Economics

    Areas of expertise: Climate change, land use, agriculture, environmental markets

    Office: New York City

  • Qin, Kenneth Project Analyst, Sustainable Agriculture Data and Technology

    Areas of expertise: Data analysis, data privacy and security, ecosystem services, sustainable agriculture, soil microbial ecology

    Office: San Francisco

  • Rader, Douglas N. Chief Oceans Scientist

    Areas of expertise: Oceans Program, renewing fisheries, marine protected areas, coral reef ecosystems, climate impacts on oceans

    Office: Raleigh, North Carolina

  • Ramsdell, Paxton Southeast Habitat Markets Analyst

    Areas of expertise: Environmental markets and programs, stakeholder engagement, species conservation

    Office: Raleigh, North Carolina

  • Ratner, Ben N. Director, EDF+Business

    Areas of expertise: Corporate partnerships, Oil and gas, Methane solutions and policy

    Office: Washington, D.C.

  • Rauch, Marc Senior Specialist, New York Clean Energy Real Estate

    Areas of expertise: Energy policy, clean energy, real estate law and development, facilities management

    Office: New York City

  • Regas, Diane Executive Director

    Areas of expertise: Climate, energy, water and air pollution, toxics, natural resource management and waste issues

    Office: San Francisco

  • Rife, Alexis Manager, Diagnostics & Design

    Areas of expertise: Fisheries management, rights-based management, fisheries policy and governance, marine protected areas, small-scale fisheries

  • Areas of expertise: Climate change, energy, environmental markets

    Office: Boston

  • Roberts, Martha Attorney, U.S. Climate Legal and Regulatory Program

    Areas of expertise: Federal environmental and energy regulation, the Clean Air Act, greenhouse gas emissions from the power sector.

    Office: Washington, D.C.

  • Robichaux, Estelle Senior Restoration Project Analyst, Mississippi River Delta Restoration

    Areas of expertise: Large-scale ecosystem restoration and management, ecosystem-based and adaptive management, wetlands policy and ecosystem services, public policy implementation, science communication, natural infrastructure, rivers and deltas

    Office: Washington, D.C.

  • Rodriguez, Laura F. Senior Director, Mexico Oceans Program

    Areas of expertise: Oceans Programs, Latin America & the Caribbean, Restoring Mexico's Gulf of California, catch shares

    Office: La Paz, Mexico

  • Rojas, Victor A. Senior Manager, Financial Policy

    Areas of expertise: Energy finance and policy, energy efficiency

    Office: New York City

  • Roy, Ananya Health Scientist

    Areas of expertise: Air quality, lead, cardiovascular disease, neurodevelopment

    Office: Washington, D.C.

  • RS, Abhijit Data Architect

    Areas of expertise: Data architecture, data management, cloud computing, air quality, IOT, sensors

    Office: San Francisco

  • Rudek, Joe Lead Senior Scientist

    Areas of expertise: Agricultural emissions to land, water, and air from livestock, rice and upland crops; methane emissions from natural gas end use; and supply chain sustainability