Complete list of expert staff

  • Brown, Abbey Clean Energy Project Manager

    Areas of expertise: Energy policy, New York City policy, air quality

    Office: New York City

  • Brown-West, Boma Senior Manager, Consumer Health

    Areas of expertise: Sustainable consumer products and supply chains, safer chemicals

    Office: Washington, D.C.

  • Brownstein, Mark Vice President, Climate and Energy

    Areas of expertise: Methane policy, oil & gas related issues, electric & gas utility related issues, energy policy

    Office: New York City

  • Burden, Merrick Director, Opportunities and Outcomes & Senior Economist

    Areas of expertise: Bioeconomics, public policy, economic and community development, fisheries management, climate change effects on oceans, catch shares

  • Burga, Irene Tom Graff Fellow for the Oil and Gas Program

    Areas of expertise: Oil and Gas, Community Engagement and Partnerships, Environmental Justice, Public Health

  • Buzby, Nancy Senior Director, Strategic Marketing Initiatives

    Areas of expertise: EDF strategic initiatives and partnerships, corporate partnerships, EDF Climate Corps, sustainable supply chains, Latino outreach, health and toxic chemicals, fertilizer optimization, Zero Deforestation Zones, "Climate Shock: The Economic Consequences of a Hotter Planet"

    Office: Boston

  • Areas of expertise: Clean Air Act, aviation, EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS), climate change, and air quality

    Office: Boulder, Colorado

  • Camuzeaux, Jonathan Manager, Economics & Policy Analysis

    Areas of expertise: Climate change, energy, environmental markets

    Office: New York City

  • Carbonell, Tomás Director of Regulatory Policy and Senior Attorney

    Areas of expertise: Carbon pollution from the power sector, oil and gas emission standards, and the Clean Air Act

    Office: Washington, D.C.

  • Chapman, Karen Manager, Agriculture Sustainability

    Areas of expertise: nutrient loss, fertilizer management, supply chain solutions, endangered species, environmental justice

  • Choy Stetten, Denise Director, Operations & Program Management

    Areas of expertise: Oceans Program, Latin America and the Caribbean, renewing fisheries

    Office: Raleigh, North Carolina

  • Christian, Rory Director, New York Clean Energy

    Areas of expertise: Energy policy, utility business models, energy efficiency, smart grid

    Office: New York City

  • Cochran, Steve Associate Vice President, Coastal Protection

    Areas of expertise: Ecosystems, coastal protection, natural infrastructure, coastal resiliency, rivers and deltas

    Office: Washington, D.C.

  • Areas of expertise: Environmental markets, emissions trading, policy instruments, energy efficiency, water

    Office: New York City

  • Couture, Jennifer Economic Policy Analyst

    Areas of expertise: Economic policy, climate change impacts, fisheries

    Office: New York City

  • Craft, Elena Senior Health Scientist

    Areas of expertise: Climate change, air quality, ports, transportation

    Office: Austin, Texas

  • Crouse, Mica Director, Clean Energy Communications

    Areas of expertise: Clean energy, media relations, marketing and communications

    Office: Austin, Texas

  • Cunniff, Shannon Director, Coastal Resilience

    Areas of expertise: Ecosystems, coastal resilience, climate adaptation, natural infrastructure, rivers and deltas, water engineering

    Office: Washington, D.C.

  • Danforth, Cloelle High Meadows Post-Doctoral Science Fellow

    Areas of expertise: Biocatalysis and bioremediation, water and wastewater quality and treatment

    Office: New York City

  • Darrell, Andrew H. Chief of Strategy, Global Energy & Finance

    Areas of expertise: Clean energy financing, smart grid, energy efficiency, air quality, environmental justice

    Office: New York City