Our oceans experts

  • Baker, Pamela Oceans Program Indonesia Lead

    Areas of expertise: Ocean resource management, fisheries management, focus on marine tenure and marine protection zones to rebuild and sustain fish populations and livelihoods, reef fish, shrimp, sharks; commercial, sport, and small scale fishing

  • Barcikowska, Monika Postdoctoral Scientist: Climate

    Areas of expertise: Global and regional climate change and variability; analysis of extreme climate and weather events (e.g. precipitation, drought, tropical and mid-latitude storms); climatic signal decomposition methods

    Office: New York City

  • Areas of expertise: Fisheries bio-economic modelling, Latin America & the Caribbean, Community-based Resource Management, Learning Networks.

    Office: Austin, Texas

  • Bonzon, Kate Associate Vice President, Oceans

    Areas of expertise: Oceans Program, renewing fisheries

    Office: San Francisco

  • Burden, Merrick Director, Opportunities and Outcomes & Senior Economist

    Areas of expertise: Bioeconomics, public policy, economic and community development, fisheries management, climate change effects on oceans, catch shares

  • Choy Stetten, Denise Director, Operations & Program Management

    Areas of expertise: Oceans Program, Latin America and the Caribbean, renewing fisheries

    Office: Raleigh, North Carolina

  • Couture, Jennifer Economic Policy Analyst

    Areas of expertise: Economic policy, climate change impacts, fisheries

    Office: Boston

  • de Vos, Klaas Fisheries Finance Manager

    Areas of expertise: Private finance investment in fisheries, fisher-science partnerships and global environmental governance.

    Office: Europe

  • Epstein, Larry Director, Belize Oceans

    Areas of expertise: Small-scale fisheries sustainability, Latin America & the Caribbean, Myanmar

    Office: Washington, D.C.

  • Areas of expertise: Oceans Program, chemical safety, renewing fisheries, sustainable seafood

    Office: Washington, D.C.

  • Fraire Cervantes, José A. Project Manager and Senior Analyst, Oceans Evaluation and Design, Mexico

    Areas of expertise: Program evaluation; research and analysis; environmental valuation; natural resource and environmental economics.

    Office: La Paz, Mexico

  • Fujita, Rod M. Director, Research & Development

    Areas of expertise: Oceans Program, catch shares, Latin America & the Caribbean, renewing fisheries, marine protected areas

    Office: San Francisco

  • Goldberg, Monica Chief Counsel, Oceans
  • Grasso, Thomas Senior Director, Oceans

    Areas of expertise: International environmental law and policy, sustainable development, conservation program design

  • Higgins, Phoebe Director, California Fisheries Fund

    Areas of expertise: Sustainable business, catch shares, small business lending

    Office: San Francisco

  • Horn, Miriam Special Projects

    Areas of expertise: Collaborative and place-based conservation, large-scale sustainable food production, coastal restoration and community impacts

    Office: New York City

  • Jones, Robert E. Director, Gulf of Mexico, Oceans Program

    Areas of expertise: Recreational management, government affairs, Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council

    Office: Austin, Texas

  • Jud, Shems Pacific Regional Director, U.S. Oceans Program

    Areas of expertise: Oceans Programs, catch shares, renewing fisheries

  • Areas of expertise: Oceans Program, Latin America & the Caribbean, renewing fisheries, marine protected areas, Fisheries, Ocean Conservation, data-limited stock assessment

    Office: San Francisco

  • Kelso , Karly Manager, Asia Pacific Engagement

    Areas of expertise: Asia-Pacific, Fishery management design, small-scale fisheries, rights-based management

    Office: Austin, Texas