Our advocacy experts

  • Qin, Hu Director of Research, EDF Beijing Representative Office

    Areas of expertise: Climate and energy policy, environmental enforcement, emission trading and carbon market, green supply chain, green finance, ecosystems.

    Office: Beijing, China

  • Rauch, Marc Senior Specialist, New York Energy Transition and Real Estate

    Areas of expertise: Building energy efficiency policy and finance; facilities management; real estate law and development

    Office: New York City

  • Rife, Alexis Director, SSF Initiatives

    Areas of expertise: Fisheries management, rights-based management, fisheries policy and governance, marine protected areas, small-scale fisheries

    Office: Remote

  • Roedner Sutter, Katelyn Senior Manager, U.S. Climate

    Areas of expertise: California climate policy, environmental justice, cap and trade, air quality, land use & transportation policy.

    Office: Sacramento, California

  • Ruiter, Pamela Senior Manager, SSF Initiatives

    Areas of expertise: Oceans program, Seafood markets, catch shares, renewing fisheries, EU Fisheries policy, TURF Reserves

    Office: Europe

  • Rupp, Mark Director, State-Federal Policy and Affairs, Ecosystems

    Areas of expertise: Environmental law and policy, state and federal government, species conservation, political strategy, stakeholder engagement and partnership development

    Office: Washington, D.C.

  • Ryan, Sarah Manager, Research & Analytics

    Areas of expertise: Vehicle electrification, data modeling, grid modernization

    Office: Austin, Texas

  • Sánchez, Sergio Senior Policy Director, Global Clean Air

    Areas of expertise: Climate and clean air policy, international development, integrated environmental management systems, comprehensive air quality management, sustainable transport, United Nations

    Office: Remote

  • Saunders, Nichole Senior Attorney, Energy

    Areas of expertise: Oil and gas policy, oil and gas wastewater

    Office: Austin, Texas

  • Schiller, Anna Water and Lands Project Manager, California Water Program

    Areas of expertise: Conservation biology, spatial analysis, groundwater management, land use planning

    Office: San Francisco

  • Schwartzman, Steve Senior Director, Tropical Forest Policy

    Areas of expertise: Climate change, tropical forest policy, Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation (REDD), Brazil and the Amazon, indigenous peoples, incentives for environmental protection

    Office: Washington, D.C.

  • Shirreffs , Dawn Florida Director

    Areas of expertise: Political affairs, partnerships, non-profit management, resilience

    Office: St. Petersburg, Florida

  • Snider, Natalie Senior Director, Coastal Resilience

    Areas of expertise: Ecosystems, large-scale restoration and protection planning, science communication, natural resources management and policy, science-based decision making, ecosystem services, natural infrastructure, rivers and deltas.

    Office: Washington, D.C.

  • Spiller, Beia Lead Senior Economist

    Areas of expertise: Electricity pricing, distributed energy resources, energy demand, transportation, air quality, shale gas

    Office: New York City

  • Stadler, Felice Vice President, Political Affairs

    Areas of expertise: Climate change, methane policy, strategic partnerships

    Office: Washington, D.C.

  • Sterner, Thomas Senior Contributing Economist

    Areas of expertise: Selection and design of environmental policy instruments; economics in general; climate and energy; natural resource economics

    Office: New York City

  • Sun, Fang Manager, Oceans Program

    Areas of expertise: Oceans

    Office: Beijing, China

  • Thomas, Ben Senior Policy Director, Agriculture

    Areas of expertise: Agricultural and food law, policy implementation, political strategy, coalition building

    Office: Austin, Texas

  • Tong, Clarence Director of Government Relations

    Areas of expertise: Legislative process, Budget & Appropriations, U.S. energy policy

    Office: Washington, D.C.

  • Truax, Hawley Southeast Regional Director

    Areas of expertise: Policy analysis, writing/editing, institutional giving, strategy development, regional politics and culture

    Office: Raleigh, North Carolina