Complete list of expert staff

  • Eurich, Jacob
    Small-Scale Fisheries Solutions Scientist

    Areas of expertise: Climate change and fisheries, indicators of ocean health and fisheries status, sustainable and resilient blue food systems, applied marine ecology, Asia-Pacific

  • Farrag-Thibault, Angie
    Associate Vice President, Global Transportation

    Areas of expertise: Sustainable freight solutions; multi-stakeholder collaboration; scope 3 emissions accounting; corporate social responsibility

  • Fernández Intriago, Luis
    Post-doctoral Fellow, Labor Economist

    Areas of expertise: Carbon pricing, just transition, environmental policy and labor markets, CGE, CBAM, international climate cooperation

  • Ferrato, Maggie
    Policy Manager, Federal Climate Innovation

    Areas of expertise: Climate and trade, carbon removal, innovation

  • Fiksel, Liora
    Project Manager, Healthy Communities

    Areas of expertise: Environmental health, safer chemistry, food additives

  • Fine, James
    Director and Lead Senior Economist, Research and Analytics

    Areas of expertise: Climate change, smart grid, environmental markets

  • Fralick, Jeffrey
    Climate Risk Analyst

    Areas of expertise:

  • Fripp, Matthias
    Associate Vice President, Modelling, Mapping and Analytics

    Areas of expertise: Power system planning, economics, renewable energy, electricity regulation, technical-economic modeling and mapping

  • Fujita, Rod
    Associate Vice President, Research & Development, Lead Senior Scientist II

    Areas of expertise: Oceans Program, marine ecology, aquaculture, fisheries science, fisheries management, catch shares, marine protected areas, resilience, climate change

  • Gaby, Keith
    Vice President, Public Affairs

    Areas of expertise: Climate change, clean air, and environmental health.

  • Gao, Ji
    Director, Energy & Nature

    Areas of expertise: China Energy Modeling Forum, oil and gas

  • Gao, Peng
    Senior Manager, + Biz

    Areas of expertise: Green supply chain, Climate Corps and carbon emission reduction

  • García Briones, Ana Lucía
    Director, Global Justice & Equity

    Areas of expertise: Water policy, research, community engagement and participatory decision-making

  • Garrington, Matthew
    Director, Regulatory & Legislative Affairs

    Areas of expertise: State and federal energy policy, federal lands

  • Gautam, Ritesh
    Lead Senior Scientist

    Areas of expertise: Satellite remote sensing, atmospheric aerosols, climatology, radiative forcing

  • Gauthier, Vincent
    Manager, Climate-Smart Agriculture

    Areas of expertise:

  • Gerbode, Christine
    Manager, Jurisdictional Alliances, Natural Climate Solutions

    Areas of expertise: Natural climate solutions, environmental economics, economic and financial modeling, comparative environmental policy and regulation, environmental health, environmental risk assessment

  • Glover, Nicholas
    Vice President, Build to Zero

    Areas of expertise: Economic development, climate change advocacy and private sector engagement

  • Gohlke, Julia
    Lead Senior Scientist, Health

    Areas of expertise: Climate and health, heat and flood related health outcomes, developmental toxicology

  • Gold, Adam
    Manager, Climate Resilient Coasts and Watersheds, North Carolina and Virginia

    Areas of expertise: Hydrology, water quality, coastal resilience, stormwater management, and natural infrastructure