Vaaruni Eashwar

Project Manager, Chesapeake


Areas of expertise:
Sustainable agriculture, agricultural supply chains, environmental management, sustainable development, conservation

Vaaruni works to support EDF’s goals of eliminating fertilizer as a major pollutant in the Chesapeake Bay watershed and improving water quality. She is working to engage diverse stakeholders across the agricultural supply chain and encourage the adoption of sustainability practices. Through collaborative projects, she is supporting the adoption of improved agricultural best management practices by farmers and facilitating their economic and environmental resilience.


Vaaruni has a background in sustainable agriculture and sustainable development, with experience working in the environmental nonprofit sector both in the US and India.

Prior to joining EDF, she pursued a graduate degree in environmental management at Yale University. While interning at the National Parks Conservation Association, she conducted research on agriculture in national parks in the Chesapeake Bay watershed to examine best management practices for soil and water conservation and minimizing impact on water quality. At The Energy and Resources Institute (TER), she organized five editions of annual international conferences on sustainable development and clean energy in New Delhi and Washington, DC. She also coordinated a study investigating the economic and environmental burden of chemical fertilizer dependency in the Indian state of Bihar and co-authored the report. In addition, she has researched the benefits and yields of organic agriculture in the context of food security.


Master of Environmental Management, Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, Yale University
5-year Integrated Master of Arts in Development Studies, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India