Tom Ingersoll

MethaneSAT Project Director


Areas of expertise:
Advanced satellite technologies

Tom leads EDFs efforts to develop MethaneSAT – a compact, purpose-built satellite designed specifically to map and measure methane emissions with great precision virtually anywhere on the planet. Due to launch in 2022, MethaneSAT will survey 80% of global oil and gas operations about every four days, measuring emissions from both known and previously unknown sites. With a wide field of view and low detection threshold, it will measure emissions that other projects have been unable to detect.

Data from MethaneSAT will be available at no cost to advocates, industry, government, and the public to help both companies and countries identify methane emission sources, see opportunities to reduce them, and track those reductions over time.


Tom Ingersoll successful satellite entrepreneur with three decades of experience. He is the former CEO of Skybox Imaging, a startup with the audacious goal of putting live, real-time satellite imagery into the hands of people everywhere. He was also CEO of Universal Space Network, a global satellite ground-station services company. He started his career in the PhantomWorks of McDonnell Douglas Corporation, where he led advanced technology projects in satellite and rocket systems.


BSME, MS, Mechanical Engineering; Engineering Management, Brigham Young University