Sara Brodnax

Senior Manager, Habitat Markets


Areas of expertise:
habitat markets, ecosystem services, agricultural sustainability, working lands, wildlife conservation, endangered species

Sara Brodnax is a senior manager of EDF’s habitat markets program, working to develop mechanisms and policies that create economic incentives for conservation and improved stewardship of America’s working farms, ranches and forestland.

Sara’s areas of focus include habitat markets and agricultural sustainability.


Sara was formerly Director of Analysis and Science and Policy Analyst at the Clark Group, an environmental consulting group (2005-2012). In her role, she analyzed policy and environmental implications to provide strategic advice for decision-making with a focus on agriculture and ecosystem services, greenhouse gas mitigation, sustainability and market-based incentives. She also worked at Weston Solutions as an environment, health and safety consultant to Nortel Networks, a telecommunications corporation.


Sara is a graduate of Duke University with a Masters in Environmental Management focused on conservation science and policy. She holds a B.A. degree in environmental studies from the University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill.