Peter Sopher

Policy Analyst, Clean Energy


Areas of expertise: Electricity grid modernization; Carbon markets

Peter conducts research as part of the Clean Energy Program’s “Idea Bank,” or its internal consultancy. His research centers on many of the moving parts that comprise the electricity sector modernization, including: demand response, time of use pricing, renewable energy, energy storage, energy efficiency, electric vehicles, and clean tech investing. And through his focus on Germany’s energy transition and Austin, Texas’ Pecan Street smart grid project, he has experience researching and analyzing how these moving parts work together.


Peter graduated from Princeton University in 2011 with a degree in Economics and a Certificate in Environmental Studies.

For July 2011-2013, Peter was a Climate Economics Fellow for EDF’s International Climate Team, as part of the High Meadows Program. In this role, Peter focused on climate economics and carbon markets, specifically emissions trading systems and REDD. Peter was the lead author of “The World’s Carbon Markets: A case study guide to emissions trading,” as set of case studies, launched in May 2013, on carbon market activity around the world.


Economics, Princeton University


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Sopher, Peter and Anthony Mansell (May, 2013). “The World’s Carbon Markets: A case study guide to emissions trading.” Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) and International Emissions Trading Association (IETA)

Sopher, Peter (April, 2013). “Emissions Trading around the World: Dynamic Progress in Developed and Developing Countries.” Carbon and Climate Law Review. Issue 4/2012 — pp. 306-316.

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