Nina Randazzo

Postdoctoral fellow


Areas of expertise:
Forest carbon, global carbon cycle

Nina studies existing temperate forest carbon storage and the realistic potential for increasing forest carbon storage through forest management and reforestation in North America. She also assesses the additional forest carbon storage that can be attributed to forest carbon crediting. Nina uses statistical methods on extensive forest data sets to investigate these topics on a state or regional scale.


Nina has a background in ecosystem carbon balance. For her PhD, she focused her studies on the responses of regional ecosystem carbon exchange to meteorological systems and climate anomalies across North America.


PhD, Earth System Science, Stanford University

BS, Environmental Science and Policy, University of Maryland, College Park


Randazzo, Nina A., Gordon, Doria R., and Hamburg, Steven P.. 2023. “ Improved Assessment of Baseline and Additionality for Forest Carbon Crediting.” Ecological Applications e2817.