Merrick Burden

Director, Resilient Fisheries & Lead Senior Economist


Areas of expertise:
Bioeconomics, public policy, economic and community development, fisheries management, climate change effects on oceans, catch shares

Merrick serves as the Director of Opportunities and Outcomes and Senior Economist within the Fishery Solutions Center where he works to advance fishery management in ways that achieve desired economic, social, and environmental outcomes. His particular focus is on the development and application of bioeconomic tools which measure the potential for sustainable fisheries and help to identify pathways for attaining that sustainability.


Prior to working with EDF, Merrick spent several years working as a fisheries economist for the U.S. Federal government where he worked on habitat conservation, bycatch management, and the development of the U.S. west coast groundfish catch share program. He also is the former director of the Marine Conservation Alliance - a large Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska seafood-interest group - where he worked to advance several policies which achieved desired economic and social goals while continuing to meet sustainability needs.

Merrick serves on several non-profit Boards and also serves on a committee charged with advising the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration on climate change and the effect on marine resources.


  • MSc from Oregon State University
  • BA from Linfield College


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