Liz Delaney

Director, Energy Market Policy


Areas of expertise:
Energy markets, natural gas, renewable energy, corporate sustainability, energy policy, energy efficiency, climate change

Liz focuses primarily on energy policy in New England. As the regional electric grid increasingly relies upon a mix of gas-fired and renewable resources, it is important that markets are optimized to be both economically efficient and environmentally beneficial. Liz serves as the EDF representative in the New England Power Pool (NEPOOL) where she advocates for policies that can better harmonize wholesale natural gas and electricity markets and ultimately improve renewable energy integration.


Liz previously held the role of director of EDF Climate Corps, where she led a network of corporations and individuals in the development of climate and energy solutions. Before joining EDF in 2012, Liz worked with both Earthwatch Institute and the Smithsonian to execute a five-year, $100 million corporate sustainability initiative focused on climate change. Liz has also worked as an environmental consultant to the EPA, as well as for several environmental non-profit organizations. Liz has a bachelor in science from Boston College, a masters from The George Washington University, and a certificate in clean energy innovation from Stanford University.


Delaney, Liz “Embedding Environmental Advocates: EDF Climate Corps” in Managing for Social Impact: Innovations in Responsible Enterprise. Mary J. Cronin and Tiziana C. Dearing, eds. Springer International Publishing Switzerland, 2017.

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