About Kendra Karr

Kendra Karr

Senior Scientist II, Ocean Research & Development


Areas of expertise:

Marine protected areas, ocean conservation, food systems, climate-resilient fisheries, data-limited scientific assessment (stocks and ecosystems) and adaptive management, ecosystem-based management, designing equitable management systems, effective governance for sustainable management, scaling successful solutions, designing behavioral science-based interventions for marine conservation problems


Kendra is a senior scientist with the Oceans Science team, where she leads the regional science to help transform our blue food systems to be sustainable, equitable, and climate-resilient through the application and scaling of science-based interventions. She conducts cutting-edge research that drives innovation in climate-resilient assessment and management of blue foods, resilient communities, and ecosystems. She advises EDF’s international and national teams on identifying local scientific knowledge gaps, building knowledge and capacity in diverse areas; and developing comprehensive fishery management approaches that result in better ecological, social, and economic outcomes. Kendra has collaboratively worked with fishery stakeholders in Belize, Chile, Cuba, Indonesia, Peru, Portugal, Mexico, Myanmar, the Philippines, and the United States Pacific Coast. She has had a lead role in the creation of many of the Oceans Program’s tools and resources, including the Framework for Integrated Stock and Habitat Evaluation (FISHE), EDFs step-by-step process that enables more fisheries in the transition to climate-resilient, adaptive science-based management.


Research Associate, Institute of Marine Sciences, University of California at Santa Cruz (2012- present)


  • Ph.D., Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of California at Santa Cruz
  • B.A., Environmental Studies (Agroecology), University of California at Santa Cruz
  • B.S., Marine Biology, University of California at Santa Cruz


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