Julia Paltseva

Senior Analyst, Natural Climate Solutions


Areas of expertise:
Tropical forests, REDD+, Voluntary Carbon Markets, Climate Policy, Analytics

Julia Paltseva works on global tropical forest issues and economic incentives for large-scale forest protection. Julia is one of the team’s technical experts on the analysis of REDD+ policy issues and works to accelerate the understanding of and investment in jurisdictional solutions to deforestation. She is a co-author of EDF's NCS Crediting Handbook and Briefing Series.

She also supports the broader Natural Climate Solutions team by analyzing the inclusion of NCS in global carbon markets. She recently contributed to the EDF's Climate 411 blog about unlocking the planet-saving potential of crediting natural climate solutions.




Prior to joining EDF, Julia spatially analyzed global wood-sourcing regions, tracked tree phenology in response to climate change, and managed a reforestation project in Indonesia. 


Julia holds a Masters of Environmental Science and Management from UC Santa Barbara’s Bren School and a Bachelors in Organismic and Evolutionary Biology from Harvard University. 


Breno Pietracci, Julia Paltseva, Steve Schwartzman, Ruben Lubowski. Financial Opportunities for Brazil from Reducing Deforestation in the Amazon. Amazônia 2030, 2022. 

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Paltseva, J., Searle, S., & Malins, C. (2016). “Potential for advanced biofuel production from palm residues in Indonesia.” The International Council on Clean Transportation white paper.