About Juan Pablo Hoffmaister

Juan Pablo Hoffmaister

Associate Vice President, Global Climate Cooperation


Areas of expertise:

Global climate policy, UN climate negotiations, multilateral climate finance, adaptation and development policy


Juan Pablo supports the strategy and leadership for the Global Climate Cooperation team, with a focus on multilateral fora, multilateral climate finance and adaptation issues. He identifies strategic opportunities for EDF, including developing and leading initiatives to ensure cohesive international advocacy at UN climate talks and other international fora.


Prior to joining Environmental Defense Fund, Juan Pablo was the Multilateral Governance Manager at the Green Climate Fund, where he led engagement between the Fund and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and managed other strategic relationships, such as with multilateral funds. During his time at the GCF, he coordinated the origination of global initiatives for the financing implementation of the Paris Agreement, including work related to National Adaptation Plans and technology transfer, and the collaboration framework between the GCF and Global Environmental Facility.

Juan Pablo brings a depth of experience in multilateral governance, having served as the lead negotiator for developing countries for Articles 7 and 8 of the Paris Agreement, which address issues of adaptation and loss and damage. He was Co-Chair of the UNFCCC Adaptation Committee between 2014-2016, where he prioritized the development of the global institutional framework for adaptation and resilience. He has also worked in academia and civil society, and has authored and co-authored multiple peer-reviewed publications on adaptation finance and the use of development instruments for achieving climate co-benefits. 


MSc in Ecosystems and Governance, Stockholm Resilience Centre, University of Stockholm, Sweden

BA in Human Ecology with emphasis in Human Studies, College of the Atlantic, Maine, USA


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