Josh Margolis

Managing Director, Environmental Markets, Climate Program


Areas of expertise:
Market-based and environmental policy instruments, environmental credit trading, environmental permitting.

Josh Margolis leads EDF’s efforts to develop and deploy CarbonSim, a carbon market simulation tool. Over his 35+ year career, he has provided policy analysis, market assessments, emissions brokerage services, environmental credit regulation evaluation/development, and simulation services to stakeholders that administer, advise on, or are subject to emissions trading system (ETS) programs.

Josh has worked closely with Mexican, Chilean, Korean, Chinese, and Thai ETS stakeholders to adapt CarbonSim to suit their needs. He provided capacity building assistance to stakeholders involved in the launch of China’s original seven pilots and the forthcoming national ETS, worked with the International Energy Agency to deliver a simulation for China’s major power producers, and delivered a flare consents simulation for a North Sea oil producer.

Josh is a co-inventor of a patent that provides for the neutralization/offsetting of equities.


Josh is an environmental markets practitioner. He is an expert on how well-designed market-based environmental policy instruments can be used to address environmental problems. Over the course of his career Josh has provided policy analysis, environmental credit market assessments, environmental permitting, and environmental credit regulation evaluation/development services to hundreds of government and industrial stakeholders that are engaged in the administration of (or are subject to) international, national, regional, and local environmental markets.

Josh has supported innovative environmental credit trading strategies including those targeting power plants, mineral processing, petro-chemicals, manufacturing, forest management, carbon farming, and mobile sources. Josh is a co-inventor of a patent that provides for the neutralization/offsetting of equities.

He was appointed by the California Energy Commission to serve on the California Climate Change Advisory Committee, which was charged with the responsibility of advising the CEC on greenhouse gas mitigation strategies. He was appointed by the South Coast Air Quality Management District’s board to serve on its three-year RECLAIM Audit Advisory Committee.

He has also served as: CEO of CantorCO2e, where he oversaw brokerage and consulting operations related to US markets and CDM markets; Director of Dames & Moore’s AirTrade Services; VP at AER*X (the nation’s first emissions trading firm); and consultant at SAIC.

Education: Public Policy Sciences, Duke University, 1981, cum laude

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