About José M. Rodriguez-Flores

José M. Rodriguez-Flores

Senior Analyst, Climate Resilient Water Systems


Areas of expertise:

Hydro-economic analysis; multi-benefit land and water management; interdisciplinary groundwater analysis; resilient food-water systems analysis


José supports EDF’s work promoting agricultural and rural community water resilience across California. He focuses particularly on supporting the implementation of sustainable groundwater management and multibenefit land repurposing. His current work is focused on providing research, data analysis, and project implementation to support EDF’s multibenefit land repurposing initiatives.


José earned his Ph.D. in Environmental Systems from the University of California Merced with a primary research focus on the nexus of the food-water-human system within California's Central Valley. His doctoral work primarily involved employing hydro-economic modeling frameworks to evaluate sustainable groundwater management policies, the repercussions of climate events on agriculture, and sustainable irrigation management. José has actively collaborated with interdisciplinary teams to explore multi-benefit cropland repurposing strategies, and he has also delved into the assessment of domestic well vulnerability.


Ph.D., Environmental Systems, University of California Merced

M.Sc., Agricultural Economics, Colegio de Postgraduados

B.Sc., Agricultural Economics, Universidad Autónoma Chapingo


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