Jorge Consuegra

Chief Diversity Officer


Areas of expertise:
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Jorge leads Environmental Defense Fund's diversity efforts.

Three goals of diversity at EDF are to:

  1. Increase staff diversity
  2. Strengthen cultural competency around diversity, equity and inclusion
  3. Increase awareness and engagement of EDF with diverse constituencies and their communities.


Jorge Consuegra is a global business, marketing and diversity & inclusion executive with experience at Fortune 500 companies and marquee brands. Jorge has experience at the following organizations:

  • Environmental Defense Fund, Chief Diversity Officer (current role)
  • Microsoft, Global Director, Agency Partnerships
  • The Fearless Group, Partner/Owner
  • Forbes Media, CMO
  • Yahoo! Inc. VP Marketing, International
  • Pepsi Cola Company, Marketing
  • American Express, Marketing

Jorge was also a board member of the Society for Human Resource Management from 2011 through 2016.