About Jill Duggan

Jill Duggan

Senior Advisor, Global Policy


Areas of expertise:

Clean energy, climate policy, carbon markets


Jill oversees EDF Europe, drawing on her extensive international career in climate, environment and energy policy.  She is developing EDF's strategic vision for Europe, building partnerships with key EU stakeholders, drawing on EDF’s strong science and economics base to provide cross cutting resilient solutions to the 21st century environmental challenges.


Jill’s enthusiasm for the environment and climate policy began with her environmental studies at university and has been built upon subsequently throughout her career.  In addition to her expertise in economics and policy she retains a deep interest in the preservation of our ecosystems.  She champions the development of practical solutions in policy areas including energy, transport and biodiversity.

Jill has worked for governments, industry as well as think tanks and progressive business groups, including as Director of the European Green Growth Platform. Jill has advised governments in Europe and around the world on emissions trading and climate policy.

Throughout her career, Jill has regularly appeared as an expert commentator for international media outlets, and has testified to UK select committees and a Congressional committee in the US. Jill is an Associate Fellow of Chatham House, the Royal Institute of International Affairs and a fellow of the Energy Institute.