Jessica Landman

Senior Director, EDF Oceans Europe


Areas of expertise:
U.S. and international marine policy and law, rebuilding fisheries

Jessica is the Senior Director of EDF Oceans’ European program. She also oversees EDF’s work in the Philippines, Myanmar and Belize. And she coordinates EDF’s engagement with small-scale fisheries policy, such as the implementation of the UN FAO Small-Scale Fisheries Guidelines and FAO’s Guidelines on Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land, Fisheries and Forests.


Jessica, a US-trained lawyer, brings over a quarter century of legal and policy experience to her job. Before taking on her current role directing EDF’s engagement in the Fish Forever partnership, she led EDF’s efforts in the EU’s reform of the Common Fisheries Policy and worked with US colleagues to enhance the performance of regional fishery management councils.

Prior to joining EDF Jessica was head of Marine and Fisheries Policy for WWF’s European Policy Office in Brussels. She has also worked to support water quality as a Senior Attorney at NRDC, and as Co-chair of the national Clean Water Network. She has served as Senior Counsel for Science and Policy at COMPASS, Director of Publications for the Pew Oceans Commission, and is a Pew Fellow in Marine Conservation.


  • B.A. in Politics, Economics, Rhetoric and Law from the University of Chicago
  • J.D., Georgetown University Law Center
  • Pew Fellow in Marine Conservation (2001)