Imelda Foley

Senior Manager, Regional Energy Market Policy


Areas of expertise:
Wholesale electricity markets

As a Senior Manager for Regional Energy Markets in EDF’s Energy program, Imelda develops and advocates for energy market policy that relies on competition to produce low-cost clean energy and promote innovation. Her focus is PJM, the largest wholesale electricity market in the country.


Imelda previously worked with University of Delaware’s EV R&D Group to cre­at­e reg­u­la­tory path­ways for newly com­mer­cial en­ergy tech­nolo­gies, particularly grid-integrated electric vehicles. While an EDF Climate Corps fellow, she performed economic and policy analysis for the City of Columbus’ smart city, electric vehicle and clean energy programs. In a previous role, Imelda developed the project finance capabilities of a start-up com­mer­cial­iz­ing an­other new tech­nol­ogy: high-tem­per­a­ture in­dus­trial so­lar ther­mal.


MA in Energy Policy, University of Delaware

BA in Linguistics, Boston College