Harold Rickenbacker

Manager, EDF+Business, Clean Air & Innovation


Areas of expertise:
Air quality, climate change, innovation, environmental sustainability, environmental justice, community-based research, GIS

Dr. Rickenbacker is a manager at EDF+Business. In his role, he focuses on developing and executing strategies to identify, test and demonstrate the value of hyperlocal insights, leading to commitments to reduce greenhouse gas and air pollution emissions. Harold has worked closely with an interdisciplinary team at EDF to develop a How-to Guide for Hyperlocal Air Pollution Monitoring.

By engaging with stakeholder across many sectors, he also helps to manage domestic an international clean air projects. Through EDF’s work in Houston, Oakland, and London, Harold has helped to catalyze and demonstrate the technologies, business models, and partnerships needed to accelerate action to reduce pollution and improve health outcomes.


While pursuing his Ph.D. at the University of Pittsburgh, Harold has integrated engineering and environmental justice concepts with community-based organizations to address the pressing issue of indoor and outdoor air pollution in under-served communities. Harold has also worked closely with energy conservation districts to link energy efficiency metrics with indoor air quality improvements.

Previously, Harold has interned with the DOE and the URS corporation on major demolition projects in Oak Ridge, TN. Through this work Harold has experience in hazardous waste exposure and transport. He has also worked at SPAWAR Atlantic Naval Weapons Station in Charleston, SC, where he received training in site design and program management.

Ph.D. Civil & Environmental Engineering - University of Pittsburgh; B.S. Civil Engineering Technology - South Carolina State University


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