Gökçe Akın-Olçum

Senior Economist


Areas of expertise:
Economics of climate change; market-based environmental regulations; carbon market design; clean energy policy and regulations; mathematical and simulation modeling

Gokce Akin-Olcum, Ph.D., specializes in international climate policy and market-based environmental regulations. A key element of her work is the integration of economic simulation models in environmental policy design. Gokce (pronounced goek-che) is currrently focusing on the evolution of carbon markets as part of the post-Paris agreement climate policymaking, i.e., identifying key institutional and policy design features to develop permit markets, incorporating REDD+ credits and other mechanisms outlined in Article 6.

She oversees the development of the U.S. state level economic modeling project, which is funded by EDF to put the analytical foundation necessary for analyzing alternative subnational and national level climate and energy policies. She also advises the development of the Open Energy Outlook for the U.S., which is led by Joseph DeCarolis, Paulina Jaramillo and Gernot Wagner.


Before joining EDF, Gokce was a postdoctoral associate in the Department of Earth and Environment at Boston University. Her research focused on the impacts of climate change in future water supply on global agricultural production. She also worked as a Visiting Scholar at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Department of Economics. She also taught graduate- and undergraduate-level courses at Boston University and Boston College.

Her dissertation was the first economic and environmental impact assessment of the EU’s enlargement policies and 20-20-20 Climate and Energy Targets, with a focus on Turkey’s integration.

She is an active member of American Economic Association, Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, and New England Women in Energy and the Environment.


Ph.D. in Economics, Bilkent University, Turkey.
M.A. in Economics, Sabanci University, Turkey.
B.S. in Industrial Engineering and Mathematics, Sabanci University, Turkey.


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