Frank J. Convery

Chief Economist


Areas of expertise:
Environmental markets, emissions trading, policy instruments, energy efficiency, water

Frank Convery manages EDF’s Office of the Chief Economist (OCE) which comprises 10 economists. The mission of the OCE is to drive the use of credible price signals that protect the environment and conserve common property resources in ways that are efficient and fair, and to understand and promote the use of other policy instruments where markets and pricing are not technically or politically feasible.

Frank’s work with the OCE includes analyses that support the case for conservation, building evidence to support prioritization, working closely with programs to help advance their agendas, and publishing in peer reviewed journals and books to provide thought leadership and maintain and enhance the organization’s professional standing and credibility.


Throughout his career, Frank has advocated for the introduction of a price signal for the environment and has helped develop institutions and research programs that would build evidence for and advance that goal. His work on price signals includes research, writing, engaging with the key power centers, and tracking performance and outcomes. His efforts have also helped build research capacity in the form of graduates who could carry on the work. In Ireland, he served as a chair or board member, got students involved in research and publication, used commentaries and other media to communicate with the public and interest groups, and then tracked implementation.

Frank used his leadership in research networks, connections with the European Commission and European Parliament, influence on Ireland’s position as a member state, and his own research and writing to promote these ideas in Europe, with particular focus on the carbon tax (which failed) and emissions trading, which succeeded. He continues this tradition at EDF.

Distinctions: Honorary President, European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (EAERE); European Fiscal Reformer of the Year, 2013


  • PhD, State University of New York
  • M. Agr. Sc. (Forestry) University College, Dublin
  • B. Agr. Sc. University College, Dublin


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