Ellu Nasser

Senior Manager, Climate and Health


Areas of expertise:
Climate change, environmental justice, ports and freight transport, air pollution, community and tribal engagement

Ellu Nasser has over 15 years of experience working on the intersection of public health, climate change and environmental justice. She focuses her work on finding solutions for the impacts that freight transport has on air pollution, community health, and climate change by supporting community priorities and working to accelerate the transition to zero-emissions at ports across the country. 


Ellu has spent seven years collaborating with U.S.-based Tribal communities on Climate Adaptation efforts to enhance the resilience of Tribal Nations. Collectively, her goal is continue advocating for resources, policies and programs that realize meaningful improvements to climate change and health providing equal protection for all communities.


Bachelor of Arts, Spanish and Biology, Willamette University

Masters of Public Health, Behavioral Sciences and Health Education, Emory University


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