About Elena Craft

Elena Craft

Associate Vice President, Climate and Health


Areas of expertise:

Climate change, air quality, ports, transportation


Dr. Craft’s expertise is on air toxics issues, focusing specifically on reducing criteria and greenhouse gas emissions from the energy and transportation sectors. She has worked to reduce emissions especially around port areas and environmental justice communities.  She has also worked to reduce toxics used in shale gas drilling practices such as hydraulic fracturing. She has been an integral strategist in designing and initiating comprehensive clean air measures, as well as in developing standards to measure environmental performance. Her efforts have led to the creation of clean truck programs in Houston and other ports around the Southeast. Dr. Craft has been appointed to serve a two year term on the Environmental Protection Agency’s SAB Environmental Justice Technical Review Panel, and the University of Texas’ School of Public Health recognized her as an adjunct assistant professor of Epidemiology, Human Genetics, and Environmental Sciences.

She is also involved in innovative projects to increase efficiency from goods movement operations. Her strategy in securing emission reductions includes development of strategic partnerships with retailers and other stakeholders, with the ultimate goal of incorporating clean air and efficiency improvements into a sustainable business model. Dr. Craft advocates for policies that increase energy efficiency, reduce exposure to toxic compounds, and improve human health. 


Previously Elena did scientific consulting and research on human health risk assessment. Her research, which uses a variety of molecular biological techniques, has been published in peer-reviewed publications and presented at professional scientific symposia.


  • Ph.D. in toxicology from Duke University’s Nicholas School of the Environment and Earth and Ocean Sciences
  • M.S. in toxicology from North Carolina State University
  • B.S. from UNC-Chapel Hill


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