Cloelle Danforth

High Meadows Post-Doctoral Science Fellow


Areas of expertise:
Biocatalysis and bioremediation, water and wastewater quality and treatment

Cloelle Danforth is a Postdoctoral Science Fellow in the office of the Chief Scientist and has been working primarily with the Oil and Gas Team, working to minimize impacts of oil and gas development on surface and groundwater.

Cloelle is currently involved in a two-pronged research effort: (1) to understand and improve oil and gas wastewater characterization techniques, and (2) to create viable, fit-for-purpose biological treatment methodologies to remove organic constituents of concern.


Cloelle Danforth’s research has largely focused at the intersection of microbiology and environmental engineering; meaning, she considers the role of microorganisms to meet a variety of environmental challenges and needs – primarily in the context of water and wastewater. Her work includes investigating a bacterium for bioremediation of a common groundwater contaminant, and exploring reactor designs for microorganisms that are able to use electricity directly to produce fuel or fuel feedstock. This process is essentially synthetic photosynthesis and could someday be used to store intermittent energy (solar) in a form that can be used at need (liquid fuel). Cloelle also spent two years working as a consulting engineer performing environmental investigations and remediation.


  • M.S./Ph.D., Civil & Environmental Engineering, Cornell University
  • B.S., Engineering Science, Smith College