Clara Qin

Research Analyst, Office of the Chief Scientist


Areas of expertise:
Data science, air quality, global change, microbial ecology

Clara Qin is a research analyst in the Office of the Chief Scientist. She is the lead developer of the Air Quality Data Commons, a cloud-based data analytics hub designed in partnership with the Air Sensor Workgroup that aims to make air quality information more accessible to researchers, policymakers, and the general public. She is broadly interested in building digital infrastructure to democratize data-driven environmental solutions.


Clara has a background in statistics, ecology, and environmental science. As a student at Stanford University, she studied soil microbial responses to global change and the role of big data in addressing social and environmental issues. She was also a Schneider Fellow for Audubon California, where she identified least-conflict areas for renewable energy development in California. Prior to joining the Office of the Chief Scientist, Clara was a technical expert in the Sustainable Agriculture Program, where she helped to develop a strategy to promote sustainable land management practices through the communication of data and metrics across food supply chains.


  • M.S. Statistics, Stanford University
  • B.S. Biology with Distinction and Honors in Ecology & Evolution, Stanford University