Cassandra Ely

Manager, Office of Chief Scientist


Areas of expertise:
Climate change, methane, natural gas local distribution, air quality, and geoengineering

Cassie Ely is a Manager in the Office of Chief Scientist. She manages EDF’s methane mapping project, a partnership with Google Earth Outreach to map methane leaks from local distribution systems around the nation. She also manages EDF’s emerging air pollutant mapping and sensor projects. In addition to the mapping projects, Cassie manages the Solar Radiation Management Governance Initiative, a partnership between EDF, TWAS, and the Royal Society to foster international dialogue on geoengineering governance.  


Prior to joining Environmental Defense Fund, Cassandra served as an energy and environmental policy legislative analyst with the Delaware State Senate. She also worked as a business and policy analyst for the U.S. Energy Information Administration.


  • Master’s in Energy and Environmental Policy, University of Delaware
  • Bachelor of Science in Zoology and Anthropology, University of Wisconsin