Bryce Goodman

Kravis Senior Contributing Scientist and Innovation Fellow


Areas of expertise:
Ethics, Artificial Intelligence, Innovation

Bryce is helping EDF integrate artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things, and other exponential technologies into early stage projects. In addition, he assists with technology partnerships for EDF’s projects focused on mapping air pollution, developing electronic monitoring for the fishing industry (“smart boats”), and advancing environmental applications of satellite-based remote sensing.


In addition to his work supporting EDF, Bryce currently serves as Entrepreneur in Residence at the Department of Defense’s Innovation Unit and oversees projects leveraging machine learning and Internet of things to drive disruptive change, is on the faculty of Singularity University and a research associate at the University of Oxford’s Internet Institute. He has advised clients including Google and Blackstone.

Bryce is the co-founder of BlueOak Resources, which is working to recover high value metals from electronic waste. He was an Entrepreneur in Residence at the Angel Forum and Singularity University Labs. He co-founded Belooga Media, which developed 2009's #1-most downloaded education podcast, and worked for the X PRIZE Foundation.


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