About Braulio headshot

Braulio Quintero

Director, Energy Transition, Puerto Rico


Areas of expertise:

Puerto Rico energy policy, water quality monitoring and regulation compliance, resilient food systems


 As EDF’s Director, Energy Transition in Puerto Rico, Braulio Quintero focuses on advocating for a just and effective energy transition to a distributed, renewable energy system for the island. He works with key stakeholders – including communities and government agencies – to develop science-based policies that promote clean, affordable and reliable electric power and that align with the territory’s climate goals.  


Prior to his current role, Braulio worked at the Institute for Socio-Ecological Research, an organization encouraging community-lead stewardship of natural resources, which he founded. He is a trained scientist, with experience in energy systems analysis, water quality monitoring and biogeochemistry. After hurricane María, he has worked on the recovery process of rural communities in the central mountain region.


Bachelor of Science, Biology, University of Puerto Rico, 2001

Master of Science, Biology, University of Puerto Rico, 2007

Doctor of Philosophy, Environmental Science, State University of New York, College

Environmental Science and Forestry, 2018


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