Aoife O’Leary

Senior Legal Manager, Carbon Pricing


Areas of expertise:
International transport focused on aviation and shipping and greening agriculture policies

Aoife (pronounced ee-fa) works to design solutions to the climate impact of international shipping and aviation through her economic, legal and policy expertise. Specifically, she is interested in solutions that can move those sectors beyond fossil fuels whilst also ensuring economic development is not just continued but enhanced. She is an expert in using pricing strategies to provide incentives for environmentally friendly behaviour.


Aoife is lawyer with substantial environmental and economic experience. After qualifying as a lawyer in Ireland, she moved into the environmental sector. She worked with and advised various NGOs on the environmental impacts of international shipping and aviation, EU environmental governance and UK community energy. After working in the legal and environmental sectors for a number of years she decided to gain economics expertise bring an additional element to her work and has since ensured economic incentives form part of the policy solutions she advocates.

She is a board member of Rethinking Economics (a charity campaigning to reform the economics curriculum in the UK) and Economy (a charity working to make economics more understandable).


Law Degree, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, first class honours
Masters in Law, Columbia Law School, New York, James Kent Scholar
Graduate Diploma in Economics, Birkbeck University, London, UK, Distinction


‘Aviation’ and ‘Shipping’ in in Dernbach & Gerrard eds., Legal Pathways to Deep Decarbonization in the United States. Environmental Law Institute, forthcoming 2018.