About Ana Lucía García Briones

Ana Lucía García Briones

Director, Global Justice & Equity


Areas of expertise:

Water policy, research, community engagement and participatory decision-making


Ana Lucía leads the California Groundwater Program’s outreach to environmental justice groups and disadvantaged communities to vet ideas, listen to concerns and build support on groundwater pilots and market initiatives. She builds constructive partnerships with disadvantaged communities and designs outreach strategies to expand and deepen bilateral relations to advance policies that promote sustainable water and groundwater management in the Central Valley.


Ana Lucía García holds a MA in International Development Policy with a focus on Environmental Public Policy from Duke University and a specialization in Energy and Environmental Policy Administration by the Latin American School of Social Sciences.

Since 2008, Ana Lucía has been part of a team of experts in environmental negotiation, facilitation and consensus building. Before coming to EDF she worked at Centro de Colaboración Cívica, a pioneering non-profit organization whose mission is to promote capacity building and a culture of dialogue, collaboration and conflict resolution.

Ana Lucía has designed management plans for marine protected areas and catch shares in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula Baja California. She also worked for the Dialogue on Climate Change and National Security in Mexico, a collaborative process to design climate change public policy initiatives, and is co-author of “Climate Change Impacts on Socio-environmental Conflicts: Vulnerability in Facing Climate Change and Social Conflicts in Mexico” published by International Alert.


  • Duke University, Sanford School of Public Policy
    Master of International Development Policy
  • Latin American School of Social Sciences, Mexico City
    Specialization in Energy and Environmental Policy and Management
  • Universidad Iberonamericana, Mexico City
    Bachelor of Arts in International Relations


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  • Hernández, Mara, Ana Lucía García Briones et al. Environmental Negotiation and Consensus Building. México: The Nature Conservancy, 2008.
  • García Briones, Ana Lucía & Luis Gómez Chow. Climate Change Impacts on Socio-Environmental Conflicts: Vulnerability in Facing Climate Change and Social Conflicts in Mexico. London, International Alert-Partners for Democratic Change International, 2011.