About Amalia Saladrigas Malaret

Amalia Saladrigas Malaret

Manager, Partnerships & Environmental Justice


Areas of expertise:

Marine conservation; participatory and inclusive strategies in conservation and sustainable development initiatives


As Manager, Partnerships & Environmental Justice, Amalia contributes to research in various areas relevant to the project we’re developing and helps coordinate with community representatives on the archipelago. She is also part of the Justice & Equity team, where she is focusing on understanding climate and environmental justice in EDF’s global work.


Amalia’s background is in marine biology and conservation, with a focus on inclusive and participatory strategies in conservation and sustainable development initiatives. Her master’s research centered on conservation issues and efforts for a species of river dolphin in the Mamirauá Sustainable Development Reserve in Brazil. An interest in how policy intersects with conservation science also led her to pursue an internship at the UN’s Convention on Migratory Species.


Jensen, Megan M., Amalia H. Saladrigas, and Jeremy A. Goldbogen. “Comparative three‐dimensional morphology of baleen: cross‐sectional profiles and volume measurements using CT images.” The Anatomical Record 300.11 (2017): 1942-1952.