Alissa Sasso

Project Manager, Supply Chain


Areas of expertise:
Sustainable consumer products, safer chemistry

Alissa Sasso works on the EDF+Business team focusing on reducing human exposure to toxic chemicals in consumer products, including food, apparel, and personal care products. Alissa works with companies and their supply chains to promote effective business solutions to protect consumer health. Alissa also supports EDF’s initiative Behind the Label: a Blueprint for Safer Chemicals in the Marketplace that lays out guidance for retailers and brand manufacturers to implement safer product strategies.


Alissa originally joined EDF through the High Meadows Fellowship, a competitive program that places graduating Princeton seniors in two-year positions with leading non-profit organizations that promote environmental sustainability. Her High Meadows position placed her on the Health team, where she focused on improving chemical policy in the public and private sector. Following her fellowship, she worked as a research consultant with EDF and ToxServices, a product toxicology firm. With a passion for the multiple ways that sustainable and healthier products can be attained, she most recently worked as an Operations Associate and Account Manager for a start-up in DC that connects businesses with the local food community. She has returned to EDF as a member of the EDF+Business team.


B.A., Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Environmental Studies, Princeton University