Advisory trustees

The Advisory trustees of Environmental Defense Fund are former members of our Board.

Because of their commitment to EDF’s values and mission they continue to be engaged with the organization in a counseling capacity and actively participate in our efforts and activities.

  • Nancy Alderman
  • Karen M. Barnes
  • Rod Beckstrom
  • Wendy Benchley
  • W. Michael Brown
  • Tom Castro
  • Mimi Cecil
  • Norman L. Christensen, Jr., Ph.D.
  • David G. Crane
  • Lewis B. Cullman
  • John Curry
  • Christopher J. Elliman
  • Roger Enrico
  • Jeanne Donovan Fisher
  • Jane Geniesse
  • Robert E. Grady
  • Hannelore Grantham
  • Jeremy Grantham
  • Pricey Taylor Harrison
  • Norbert S. Hill, Jr.
  • Freeborn G. Jewett, Jr.
  • Lewis B. Kaden
  • The Honorable Ricardo Lagos, Ph.D.
  • Gretchen Long
  • Susan Manilow
  • Harold A. Mooney, Ph.D.
  • Robert W. Musser
  • William A. Newsom
  • David O’Connor
  • Lewis S. Ranieri
  • E. John Rosenwald, Jr.
  • Robert M. Perkowitz
  • Adele Simmons
  • Farwell Smith
  • Richard B. Stewart
  • W. Richard West, Jr.
  • Paul Junger Witt
  • Joanne Woodward
  • Blaikie Worth
  • Joy B. Zedler, Ph.D.

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