Aaron Citron

Manager, Water Program


Aaron Citron is a member of the Colorado River Project and is focused on western water management and irrigated agriculture. He and the rest of the Colorado River team are working to reform water policy in the Colorado River Basin and across the West. He is currently involved in projects that will provide incentives for more flexible water sharing arrangements across sectors that will provide for economic benefits to water users and environmental flows for recreation and aquatic and riparian species needs. Aaron works primarily with irrigated agriculture to develop shared principles and a water vision for a rapidly urbanizing west.

Aaron also works with Sustainable Agriculture program staff to build a shared vision for agriculture across programs


Prior to his time with EDF, Aaron worked with Arizona Land and Water Trust in Tucson, Arizona. As a member of the Trust, Aaron helped design and implement collaborative resource management and conservation programs with farmers and ranchers in southern Arizona. He lead the Trust’s early efforts to implement temporary environmental water transfers in Arizona and drafted a water rights handbook designed to provide policymakers and agricultural water rights holders with a better understanding of alternative water transaction opportunities in Arizona.


B.A., History, Emory University
J.D., The University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law

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