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EDF at COP27

This year’s United Nations climate summit comes at a time of war and economic disruption, a time when the effects of climate change are hurting people around the world.

And it’s a time when the science shows we're not moving fast enough to meet our Paris Agreement goals to limit the planet’s warming.

At COP27, a delegation of EDF experts will highlight bold solutions that can put us on track. We’re focusing on speeding the transition to clean energy and ensuring healthy and safe livelihoods, particularly for communities most impacted by a changing climate.

Here's where you'll find us


    EDF is co-hosting this gathering focused on driving the transformation toward healthier, more resilient, more equitable food systems.


    As a pavilion co-host, EDF will aim to build support for natural climate solutions and jurisdictional-scale tropical forest protection.


    EDF is supporting an international team of environmental and climate justice leaders as they host the first-ever Climate Justice Pavilion.

The big picture

Get insight from our experts about the most pressing issues at COP27:

  • The conference center for COP27 in Sharm el-Sheikh

    Behind the scenes at the world's biggest climate conference

  • The side of a building at the UN climate conference

    The 3 issues we’re watching as the world gathers in Sharm El-Sheikh

  • Two men walk through a jungle in Ecuador

    Indigenous peoples need a seat at the climate table at COP27

  • A screen reading "Together for implementation" imposed on a globe

    Forests have grabbed a prominent spot at COP27

  • A boat on a river in the rainforest

    The right tools for net zero goals on display at COP27

  • A sunrise over a field of green crops

    Food and agriculture are central to COP27 negotiations for the first time

Two men standing in a field examining agricultural data on a computer
A low-angle shot of a forest of very tall trees
Methane flare on a smokestack

At COP27 we’ll highlight key solutions — related to transforming food systems, protecting forests, cutting methane and more — that are ready now and can move us toward managing climate change by 2030.

Staff perspective

EDF is at COP to listen, learn, build coalitions and advocate for strong action – the world is making progress but not fast enough.

Fred Krupp

President, EDF

Important events

Here are five of the most important events EDF will be participating in at COP27. Please join us. Details and registration links below.

Friday, November 11

  • Advancing toward the Glasgow Climate Pact: A call to action to achieve one gigaton of emissions reductions from forests by 2025

    15:00-16:00 EET
    Location: Nature Zone Pavilion

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    Setting an interim goal of achieving 1 gigaton of emissions reductions from forests by 2025 is critical. During this session, speakers will:

    • address the importance of adopting a mid-term milestone towards the Glasgow Pact
    • provide an overview of the gap towards achieving the gigaton milestone
    • propose actions to accelerate progress towards the gigaton goal
    • Breanna Lujan, Senior Manager, International Policy and Partnerships, Natural Climate Solutions, Environmental Defense Fund
    • Waldez Goes, Governor, State of Amapá, Brazil
    • Lola Cabnal, Director, Ak'Tenamit
    • Dirk Nemitz, Team Lead, AFOLU, United Nations Environment Programme
    • Susan Gardner, Director, Ecosystems Division, United Nations Environment Programme
    • Maggie Charnley, Head of International Forests Unit, Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS)

Monday, November 14

  • Embracing Sustainable Water Use and Aquatic Blue Food Diversity for Climate Smart Food Systems

    8:00 - 21:00 EET
    Location: Food Systems Pavilion

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    Water and aquatic food systems have been undervalued and overlooked in conversations about climate change and food security despite their importance ensuring global food security and the significant impacts that climate change will have in the coming years on our food systems. On November 14, 2022, the Food Systems Pavilion is hosting a day focused on Embracing Sustainable Water Use and Aquatic Blue Food Diversity for Climate Smart Food Systems. On this day, we intend to elevate the importance of water and aquatic foods for achieving global food and nutrition security through discussions of themes such as aquatic nutrition, water data, small-scale fishing communities, sustainable governance and management, and innovations to support sustainable and equitable aquatic food and water systems.

    A series of sessions will bring together policy makers, practitioners, NGOs, funders, and other key actors to discuss themes such as the impact of climate change on water and on aquatic resources, the role of small-scale fishers and farmers as stewards, sustainable governance and management interventions, and innovations to support sustainable and equitable water and blue food use.

    • Policy makers, practitioners, NGOs, funders, and other key actors in the aquatic foods and fresh water use sectors.
  • Official UNFCCC side event: How to bridge the climate finance gap and support smallholders in food systems transformation

    11:30 - 13:00 EET
    Location: Official UNFCCC side event: Osiris Room (300)

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    See full event description and speaker list

    Current financing for climate action in food systems is insufficient for the transformation required. This session will focus on the role of climate finance in assisting producers, especially smallholders, and how to engage them in transitioning to low-carbon agriculture while improving livelihoods.

    • Moderator: Dhanush Dinesh, Founder, Clim-Eat
    • Fred Krupp, President, Environmental Defense Fund
    • Lini Wollenberg, Climate and Food Specialist, Alliance of Bioversity and CIAT, and University of Vermont
    • Ishmael Sunga, CEO, Southern African Confederation of Agricultural Unions (SACAU)
    • Alzbeta Klein, CEO, International Fertilizer Association (IFA)
    • Jochen Flasbarth, State Secretary, BMZ

Tuesday, November 15

  • The Health-Methane Nexus: Opportunities for Action  

    10:00 - 11:30 EET
    Location: WHO Health Pavillion, Blue Zone

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    See full event description and speaker list

    Raise awareness of the intersection between methane mitigation strategies and public health, to elevate health considerations in prioritizing methane mitigation strategies and to identify opportunities to accelerate action.

    • Moderator: Sarah Vogel, Senior Vice President, Healthy Communities, EDF
    • Adrián Fernández,Executive Director, Iniciativa Climática de México
    • Carolina Urmeneta, Program Director for Circular Economy, Global Methane Hub
    • Todd Crane, Principal Scientist on Climate Change Adaptation, International Livestock Research Institute
    • Rodrigo Seguel, Researcher, Center for Climate and Resilience Research

Wednesday, November 16

  • Exploring Carbon Credit Quality as a Key to Corporate Climate Action

    8:30-9:30 AM EET
    Location: We Mean Business Pavillion (Blue Zone)

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    Carbon credits are in high demand from companies and organizations aiming to meet their climate goals and obligations. To achieve these goals and obligations, carbon credits must be of high quality and effectively contribute to the goals of the Paris Agreement. However, not all carbon credits are of high quality, and it can be difficult for companies and users to navigate the carbon market and identify quality. This panel of carbon market experts and quality assessment providers will discuss how and why companies should seek out high quality carbon credits that deliver actual climate benefits as well as social and environmental co-benefits.

    • Moderator: Ari Alexander, Salesforce
    • Pedro Barata, Environmental Defense Fund and Co-Chair of the Integrity Council for the Voluntary Carbon Market (IC-VCM)
    • Lambert Schneider, Oeko Institut and Carbon Credit Quality Initiative
    • Samuel Gill, Sylvera


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EDF’s policy positions are informed by the latest economic and legal analysis from our team of science, economy and policy experts. Our team makes recommendations to policymakers, governments, and working bodies under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and other international climate forums.